Friday, August 24, 2007


Kissing babies

I've noticed a weirdish occurrence with some babies.I guess all of us would have played with a baby at some time and told him/her to give us a kiss. As I remember they would kiss your cheek more often than not.

However, I have noticed quite a growing number of them are doing the French Kiss when asked to give a kiss. At first it was kinda amusing but not anymore. I wonder just where they learnt that sticking tongues in mouths is the way to kiss. Are parents, caregivers, siblings the guilty ones?

Child abuse? Maybe,maybe not but French kissing babies is disturbing.

Too much tv at too young an age...
i aint kno who fresh babies you playing wid but i know mine aint doing nuttin so
I've never seen that before.. but then again, i'm hardly around babies. Thats unusual..
Very odd. First I'm hearing of it, but I'll be watching out for it.
lol jdid,ur boy is slow:)
Oh and by the way, could you link to my new site?
ya sure dem is babies? might be midgets posing as babies like dat movie little man
haha to Jdid's comment..

i think its tv too..
Never heard of a baby French kissing anyone but that is indeed disturbing. Maybe it's too much TV or maybe irresponsible role models at the home.
Hehe, Jdid you're so funny. Hmmm, I might have come across but not notice, I'll have to observe more, but the image is funny.
I am sure you are talking about little, little babies, Kami? Is it not so? Before they really get into TV?
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