Monday, August 13, 2007


His Excellency

Growing up I would often hear my elders say "Parson does christen dem pickney fuss" It took a while for me to understand exactly what it meant and why it supposedly was a bad thing.

Over the past days a debate has been heating up over the appointment of Camillo Gonsalves, eldest son of PM Gonsalves to the post of UN Ambassador. Not surprisingly charges of nepotism have been levelled at the ruling party. I have nothing against Camillo who currently is the Senior Crown Counsel which tells us he is no fool. As an aside, the brother is one fine specimen. What I find strange is the way the Govt responded to the appointment.

Parson was quick off the block to tell us he had nothing to do with this appointment. Can somebody tell me why Cabinet thought it was a brilliant idea to appear on national television along with the soon to be ambassador to remind us how well qualified he was for the position? Never in my life have I seen such a calling out of troops to present and defend any ambassadorial candidate before. I guess the govt really needed to convince us that everything was above board.

In vain I listened for the names and the CV's of the other candidates who Camillo came out ahead of. Alas, no mention was made of any so I still cannot conclude if the best man won. And here-in lies the problem.

Ethical issues Kami. Problem is that no matter what his resume says it will always be viewed as nepotism. The question is do we not appoint the best person for the job despite his connections or do we settle for second best because of the connections of the best. Is there any real way to determine who the best is? From my perspective, this is the Caribbean...another nine day wonder and all is back to normal.
Sigh....they are alway muddying the waters. Well, at least we can take SOME comfort in the fact that the bredda is a fine specimen. Had he not been, its THEN we should eb really suspiciaous about his appointment.

The fact is, even if his appointment is a clean and fair one, maybe the rabid defence is now nepotism at work. Either way, he reaps some form of benefit. But, when and if his father is ousted, conversely, his head will be on the chopping block first.
it was always going to be viewed as nepotism so maybe they shouldnt have proposed him for the post in the first place
I guess nepotism isn't limited to the Bushes.
If he is so foine where is the pic nah?

Nepotism all di way...but not many ppl in positions of power tell their family "no" b/c it would never be regarded, in good light or as ethical.

Our leaders in the region have no regard for the public which they "serve". They do as they please irregardless and then ask us "what?" "what you gone do about it? ". Most of the time we say and do nothing in response.
seems to be part and parcel of political life
To deny him the opportunity because of his last name would be wrong. People seem to have a problem with his last name and i doubt there would be an issue if he was not a 'Gonsalves'.
That said, the onus is now on him to prove that he is indeed capable. The eye of the public will be focused squarely on his every step which may be a good thing. I wish the gentleman well, it is indeed a step in the right direction for the youth of the Nation
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