Thursday, August 02, 2007


Another Love Thursday Pic

I went to a wedding last Saturday and off all the pics I took this one captivated me. There was just something so tender on her face during the saying of the vows that spoke of love.

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Overheard at the table where I was sitting. Love is a commitment,a decision to stay with the other person regardless of what is happenning.Interesting.

nice. i'll try not to make a snide comment about weddings or marriage just this once :-)
You'd have to leave the snide comments to me:)
so wait, you is one a dem dat thought Love was the 'nice' feeling you get?
What a beautiful bride, and yes, a nice innocent candid shot
Aww! So sweet! Happy Love Thursday!
Well put.

I love the look in the brides face. Wish them many happy years together.
YOu captured that moment wonderfully!
Love is a commitment all right. One that can get a body committed.
think I know these people.... nevr knew they were hooked though

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