Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Rising Stars again

I got a text on my phone tonight that advertised the auditions for Digicel Rising Star on Saturday the 28th,July. I can hardly believe that it's competition time again.

Looking forward to see what new talent this year will unearth. Last year saw Kyron Baptiste become a household name as he sang his way to top spot. Now,the stakes are higher with Vincentians setting their sights on doing the hattrick. From the moment Kyron won people in St Vincent were already identifying potential winners. Others wondered where the next representative would pop up from but most were confident of another win. No doubt the other islands would be hoping to end the Vincy winning streak so I suspect voting will be frantic. On the other hand if Vincy can come up with another representative to capture the public then easy sailing.

So, all you talented Vincy people out there please check out the auditions and remember we have a crown to defend.

why you dont enter?

by the way what has happened to the previous winners? have they gone on to release albums and made it big?
hah,they want to win.

Nah,nobody make it yet

Kimberley Inniss the runner up from the first show making it
Anyone knows if Kimberley Innis has any Vincy connection?
The Jamaican Rising Star is in full swing! Some good competitors again this years. 2005 Risisng star winner Christopher is doing well for himself, the post competition did work out well for him.
So what are you singing this year?
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