Saturday, July 14, 2007


Miss Thinking Blogger

Oh dear I 've somewhat neglected my blog this week. Blame it on lethargy post Carnival but am still around. Was catching up on some blogs and I saw where my boy Leon gave me some props for being a thinking blogger. For that am supposed to put the thinking blogger award button on my sidebar which I will do when photobucket allows me access.

Thanks to Devon and Devin for inspiring me to start a blog.Actually, it was more a case of wanting one as well when they announced they were bloggers. Thanks to Blogger for granting me the privilege of hosting my spot. Thanks to my loyal commenters who assure me daily that am not talking to air. Thanks to all those persons who encouraged me to keep scribbling my thoughts and places like Global Voices that give me a confidence boost. Jdid and Cranky hope this is satisfactory:)

In return am giving out one award to Eemanee. See y'all next week

thanks! and right back atcha! there are so many good Caribbean blogs around.
where's your acceptance speech???
yea where is the speech?
Hey! I really enjoy your blog! Your writing style is a pleasure to read. Keep at it!
Thanks Vynnie.Ladies and gentlemen we have a Rising star judge in the house:)
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