Sunday, July 29, 2007


I like this

The Adonal Foyle Island Basketball Camps 2007 series,scheduled July 30th to August 2nd will bounce off tomorrow at Keartons.Then the camp moves to Calliaqua on Tuesday,Bequia on Wednesday, Union Island on Thursday and wraps up in Canouan on Aug 3rd.

Three NBA players and a retired Chicago Bulls/Warriors player will accompany Adonal, along with a staff of 23 health education and sports professionals, targeting over 1000 children aged 7 to 17. Not only are the camps coordinated locally by basketball administrator Sabrina Mitchell and the LOC's in each venue but they have attracted some high profile sponsors. Partnering Adonal in his efforts are American Airlines, Nike, Young Island Resorts, Grenadine Airways, Clico Insurance, Karib Cable, Frangipani Hotel, Tamarind Beach Hotel, Aunt Jobe's supermarket and Hairoun Duma Water.

The camps are designed to provide the kids with a fun and comprehensive experience covering the basic fundamentals of basketball, with in depth instruction in shooting, rebounding, passing and dribbling while also promoting teamwork, discipline, healthy living, and involvement in sports. Apart from sports there will be a special emphasis on HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention as well as emphasising the importance of education.

It may be a tired old cliche but it really is heartwarming to hear of sportsmen giving back to the land of their birth. Kudos Adonal for trying to make a difference.

Credit to Searchlight newspaper for details.


So true.
good for him. always heard he was a good guy. now if he would only get some playing time for the warriors
Are the camps free? Everybody in Cayman now jumping on the summer camp bandwagon, and some of them are costing as much as US$1500 for five weeks. Lunch an' ting not evn provided. Had to fork out a bag of money to put Sonny in camp, and I am NOT a happy camper. It either pay for it, or keep the chil' home watching TV. And, most people do not even have the option.
A tired cliche that never really becomes tired, as giving back is always in season.
I love summer camps. Good for Adonal.
Good For him...
Hey Afro it's good to see you back.I am not sure if there is a fee or anything.Would have to check that out
I think it's a good idea for them do at least give back something.
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