Tuesday, July 03, 2007


Enuff Arready

So Peter Ram came to SVG and performed at a show on Sunday night at Victoria Park. Apparently, he used an expletive or expletives during his performance and judging by the comments on some talk shows he has upset some sections of the populace. From all reports he was referring to a previous incident where gays in Trinidad were offended by his hit song when the expletive/s came out.

Am just wondering why an island with 19 homicides thus far in 2007 is getting bent out of shape because of an expletive or two. Am not saying it was the wisest or the best thing for the artiste to have done but seems to me we have way more pressing issues to address than an expletive or two. Enuff arready

You're prolly right about this...
Let a foreign act perform and see if they'd do the same thing.
you too soft on crime
I don't condone the use of expletives, but I say the same thing about what happens when DJ's here in Jamaica use them on stage. The damn police need to concentrate on out overwhelming crime rate!
19 already. Sounds like things are getting out of hand down there. For little ST Vincent that is a lot.
By the way if Ram had pulled that bad word on stage stunt in Ja or Ga he would have been arrested once departed the the stage.
he would probably have been arrested in Barbados too
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