Monday, July 16, 2007


Buyout or not?

Am so fed up of the product called LIAT that anything that causes them some turbulence translates to bliss on my end. Call me Miss LIAT hater but am so happy to hear of yet another snag in the proposed buyout of Caribbean Star. This time some workers citing unfair dismissal are suing Caribbean Star hence a delay in buyout proceedings.

The Antigua based Industrial Court has issued an injunctive order that restrains Caribbean Star Airlines from conducting any further talks and discussions with LIAT or any other party, and also forbidding the sale or disposition of the assets and/or liabilities of Caribbean Star Airlines, until further order from the court.The order further restrains Caribbean Star from leasing or selling any of its assets to LIAT or any other party.

LIAT is currently leasing some of Caribbean Star’s planes. Those aircraft not currently on permanent lease cannot go that route unless there is a reversal of the order. So LIAT finds itself in a bit of tailspin unless when the court meets tomorrow they get a favorable ruling. Any guesses what am hoping?

Credit to CMC for the details.

No one can mistake your feelings for LIAT at all.
Well, so much for all our regional carriers. None really shines. But neither do the international airlines. They all have woes.
All Caribean people seem to hate their airlines....
Air Jamaica need to take control of the Caribbean routes, but alas they gots dem own share of problems too... we all just need tuh get a Caribbean ferry service and solve de matter
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