Sunday, June 10, 2007


Those Beauty Shows

Some years ago Paul Keens Douglas did a brilliant parody on Beauty Shows. His story featured the mishaps of one Boopsie and her fellow contestants as they attempted to win the coveted crown.

Not surprisingly, the more humourous excerpts dealt with the dreaded interview sections. Boopsie or some other contestant gleefully told the audience that Neal and Massey discovered Trinidad.

The just concluded Miss SVG 2007 certainly made me feel as if Boopsie and her crew were centre stage. It's about time the Beauty show Committee get its act together and give a show that lives up to its billing.

How on earth can you promote a show as beauty and brains and then subject the audience to some the most inane answers imaginable.To add insult to injury the winners prize is a university scholarship. Therefore, we would expect at least a little bit of awareness on current affairs.

Instead we learnt from one contestant that global warming is a good thing for any country in the world. Another seemed to not understand the meaning of the word extracurricular. Thank God for the eventual winner Melisa Yorke who injected some sanity. Sorry, but am not buying the official stage fright line. Seems like some young people are sadly bent on living up to the shallow label. Maybe, the education system needs a little tweaking or the contestants need extensive screening. Meanwhile, the spirit of Boopsie lives on.

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we entering you next year!
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