Monday, June 04, 2007


Struck out

When a distinguished local lawyer was disbarred last week for witholding monies awarded to his client it sent shock waves throughout the island. Nothwithstanding the belief held by many that lawyers are by nature dishonest few felt the lawyer in question would be made to pay.

Not only was this man one of the more senior members of the local bar but he was also the first to be awarded the title of Queen's Counsel. He also served as a judge on the OECS High Court and was part of the panel that appointed judges to the Caribbean Court of Justice.

The contentious issue was centred around the Danish Foundation seeking to recover over 5 million ECD which was allegedly expended for purchase of lands at Orange Hill. As far back as 1984 the Danes through their lawyer purchased the lands. However, the land was acquired by the Govt after its sale was protested by locals. A settlement was subsequently made but the Danes maintained they were not given the total sum.

On one hand I feel sorry that it came down to this. On the other am pleased that the judgement is sending the message that none is above the law. Too often justice is not seen to be done and many believe certain professionals will never lose in court assuming it gets that far.Unfortunately,it strenghtens the belief that all lawyers are thieves but more importantly faith in the justice system is strengthened.

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Very good, no one should be above the law. A few years ago, we had a prominent lawyer disbarred too, very shocking too as her brother was head of bar association of Ja at one point.
I agree with Gela, no one should be above the law.
good for them. ya cheat or steal you feel the weight of the law
Lawyers aren't thieves. They're legal liars.
Lock him up yes!
Ah good! Some ah dem lawyer too teef!
I am glad to see Paris went back to jail too and for the full 45 days.
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