Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Pigs and Condoms

I was watching Fox News a few nights ago and saw an item about a condom ad that was pulled.

In a nutshell the ad featured some pigs at a bar trying to pick up ladies without much success. One smart pig went to a vending machine to get a condom and promptly turned into a gorgeous man.

I must be mixing up my animals or I need to be socialised anew. Somehow,I thought men were dogs but seems there is quite a bit of pig in the mix too.

However,if a pig that was hitting on you turned out to be a man then it's a bonus..right? Or should it have been a man turning into a pig? Some of my friends say the second scenario is truer to the real thing.

According to Fox “Contraceptive advertising must stress health-related uses rather than the prevention of pregnancy.” As if the piece of latex can't serve a dual purpose. I would have been more sympathetic if they said it was reinforcing a gender stereotype.If you picking up somebody in a bar who's thinking about using a condom to prevent a pregnancy? Much ado about nothing.

LOL interesting ad! These ads get more and more creative...or ridiculous every day! I believe protecting against disease is more important that pregnancy.
Stunner, I saw the ad on VH1 this morning.You may be lucky to catch it
Fox News should be the last to take such a stand, that ranks amongs the worst stations in the media.
Hey, health is fine and all, but preventing pregnancy is the primary concern. Oink oink!
the ads are getting rather creative these days, i was reading an article on bbc of an advertising company using women motioning with their pinky fingers to men who drive too fast...

funny stuff
actually i would disagree with your last sentence. i think is some of dem people in bars that may actually take more precaution than some of the average cause they just looking for a 'quick pick'
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