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Grenada 13

Over in Grenada a hearing is currently taking place to resentence the 13 charged with the killing of PM Maurice Bishop and others in 1983.

Earlier this year, the Privy Council ruled that the death sentences originally imposed on the men were unconstitutional and that this also invalidated the process by which those sentences were later commuted to life imprisonment.

From all I have read the events of October 1983 were quite horrific. In small societies like ours the bloodbath that happened would have left many scars on the Grenadian psyche. Up to today families still do not know where the remains of their loved ones can be found and that must hurt and badly too.

No doubt the perpetrators of the violence needed to be punished. Back in 1983 am sure death and as quickly as possible was what most wanted for them. Despite protestations of an unfair and illegal trial their punishments were meted out. 24 years on and there is a possibilty they could be freed like the four before them.

Frankly, I feel they should be released since I hardly think they constitute a threat to the country. For starters, these men are no longer the idealistic young men they were and the brand of politics that they practiced before being incarcerated is all but dead. Secondly, I could see them wanting to migrate to see if it is possible to salvage some sorta life. Maybe, it's easy for me to say but all I keep thinking is 24 years are a practically a lifetime and long enough for old wounds to not hurt as much.

Do you think they pay their debt to society?

I think 1983 was almost a generation ago many folks have forgotten and those events are no longer as vivid so they may get a chance to be released BUT if folks really research the story of what they did to Bishop and his followers I think their thoughts might be a bit different on releasing them
maybe it is time for healing.. but some wounds never heal. peace
I was a cub scout in SVG, I remember watching my young cub scout buddy crying as we listen of Grenada and its people descend into hell. We heard of bodies in the capital as PM Bishop was slaughtered. I remember the talk of Cuba in Grenada then the arrival of America to help.

Somethings can never heal, these people took the childhood from to many. They should all be dead.
Yup,Jdid I believe they have paid their debt.
I think they should be released. They have suffered enough, and are hopefully regretful for what they have done.
I met one of the Grenada 13 some years ago. Went to the prison to take some things a friend had sent for him. Very engaging and obviously educated and bright.

Told me how they teach the other prisoners, help them to pass CXC subjects and all that.

I can't give an opinion on whether they should be released. I do know that when I saw Mrs Ann Bain, whose husband Norris was killed that day, sobbing her eyes out on Monday, saying that her kids didnt have a father around for Father's Day, you just have to feel it for them.

And as she said, if she could just have the remains, it would bring some sort of closure.

I have lived in Grenada for the better part of 10 years, and I am yet to understand how something as horrible as this could have happened.

In the newspapers this week, they say that civillians fired the first shots which killed a Corporal Mayers. That set everything off, the court heart this week.
it is quite obvious that ppl hav different opinions but these guys should've been dead a long time and since this has not happened then its obvious that ppl think they shud be free. but whatever it is the horror still remains on the heart of grenadians and will never be forgotten!!!
Let me assure you, the hurt caused by the actions of these men will never be forgotten!!!! For my husband, who's father was killed, WE fight to get through everyday. He still has nightmares till this day as he was a young boy and a witness to them murdering his father. Hell NO they should not be free, they should be DEAD.
on that sunny day of october 1983 I was there. I was seventeen and almost lost my life. In retrospect mabe I should,and enter the Kingdom of the most high being pure..You see so many of us claim to believe in God but no one wants to forgive his brother. Thirty years is a long time and if you ask me those Brothers should be forgiven and release. They were young and somewhat foolish but everyone deserves a second chance in life....
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