Friday, June 15, 2007


Go away LIAT

Today, June 15th was to be the grand merger of LIAT and Caribbean Star. Surprise, Surprise, the merger has been delayed but we have been promised that it is still forthcoming. When is anybody's guess but seems like the parties are aiming for an end of month merger.

LIAT has been getting on my last nerve with their ridiculously high fares. Once upon a time you could purchase a ticket to let's say Trinidad and be able to make a stay over in Grenada. Not so anymore even though both are on the same route. Now, you have to pay an additional 200ECD to enable you to make the stop. Real madness!

I wish they would just disappear or hopefully realise that their price structure is making them even less relevant. Merger or non merger is not the news we want to hear since most are long past caring. Address the fares is the cry on everyone's lips but it's falling on deaf ears. Good on you St Lucia for looking for alternatives to LIAT

Maybe they don't want to merge yet because it will force them to cut prices to be more profitable.
It's a shame that we can't get our Caribbean Airline to functin with some sense or normality....
Kami...Jus checking in. I think you can tell by my lack of posts and rareness on IM that work has me swamped. Shame with LIAT is bout time they change!
Yeah Aarond I notice you and your partner have deserted me:)
Well let's hope the murger leads to a better company with cheaper fares.
Hey, Abeni! What a gwaan? My only question is, have they been subsidizing the price all along and now they can't afford to anymore and so they pass the real price on to you, or are they just being money hungry sharks seeking to gouge your eyes out?
On an entirely different topic, you have been tagged! I hope you decide to play the game.
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