Thursday, June 07, 2007


Blasts from the Past

The creators of Love Thursday have called it a day.However, from time to time I will still post some pictures. Take a look at when life was much simpler. Wasn't she just the cutest little thing:) It may take a while to load cos at times Photobucket has a few issues.

happy love thursday. i hope your day's been splendid. love the pics!
you and that thick head of hair. I bet it was a nightmare to comb!
you were a cute kid. so wha happen now? :-)
just kidding about the now part
Ill miss them...a lot
What is happening to Love Thursdays? And does that mean your blog is going away?
Yes those were the best days! Nothing to worry about. Lovely pics.
mushtaq, my blog not going anywhere.It's only the persons behind the Love Thursday site have closed it.
The smile is the same. no change at all. Nice pictures.
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