Friday, June 22, 2007


Ah Blaming Digicel

Once upon a time cell phones were rare like Granny's teeth. The price per handset and the costs associated with making and receiving a call conspired to keep them out the hands of the average man.

Then Digicel popped up and transformed the whole scene. Handsets got cheap,cheap cheap and costs for calls got cheaper too.Suddenly,every man jack and his dog were the proud owners of handsets. Some of us even handed in our fixed lines as cellular was the way to go.

Almost overnight it seemed as if we couldn't live without the phones. Soon,the basic phone was no longer enough so we went for the camera phones and all the other jazzy features.

School children annoyed teachers by having phones on during instructional time and supposedly texting answers to each other. Worse was to happen when students began passing around nude pics of themselves. Right now a sex scene allegedly filmed in a classroom is making the rounds.

Moral decay, exhibitionism, poor parental guidance, lax school supervision etc have all surfaced as reasons for the behaviour. I find the fingers pointing in the predictable areas so I looking for a new entity to blame. So,ah blaming Digi and you gotta admit they make as good a scapegoat as any

That is definitely a hilarious post. I have my Digicel chip ready for Crop Over. On a serious note, I made calls from Barbados to the US last year and the cost was favorable. Really, I thought the card would never run out.
This seems to be world wide problem, i threw a fit when i found my brother had a video of two girls fighting, different generation, seriously odd values..
Yes! Damn Digicel! They should know that technology like that doesn't belong in the hands of oversexed children!
Cellphones have certainly become common and has become the tool of waywardness! Well someone has to take the fall, lol!
Bdos in focus, I agree with you re the cards. On an overseas call they seem to be the energizerish:)
Digicel forever!
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