Wednesday, May 23, 2007


We gone clear

At the time of writing this I still do not know their names. All I know is the two little girls,six and nine years old respectively were picked up from the Sandy Bay Govt school by their father. He then took them to the beach and shot them both in the presence of other children before turning the gun on himself. One little girl died and the other fights for her life in the ICU.

Yet another domestic situation gone sour and appalling violence is perpetrated on the innocents. I am having so much difficulty dealing with the fact that a father could open fire on the little precious ones that he was supposed to protect. When did it become okay to kill our children,when?

Tonight, my heart breaks not only for my island that seems to be losing its way more and more but for the the little ones that suffered such fear, hurt and confusion . One more mother prepares to bury her young way too soon. Something is terribly, terribly wrong in this place. If only I knew how to make it better.

Why di rass he did not tekk himself out and leff di pickney dem alone? eh?!

If I could I would ah wake his sorry arse up from di dead and den kill he again by slow torture! chueepse!!
yet another reason why i have thoughts about going back home to live.....
I am sorry to hear of this....
Goolawdamercy...wha madness going on in our world. I pray for that little girl and all de children who witness suh horror.
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