Wednesday, May 30, 2007


To kill or not to kill

New week, another double murder and pretty soon this kinda news will be commonplace. In a way it already is so on to other business.

Tonight, I caught a bit of news where St Vincent and the Grenadines was granted licence to kill four whales annually. For those who don't know whale catching is a big thing on the Grenadine island of Bequia. The whale catching debate from the little I know seems to be centred around whale preservation and/or the method of killing which is seen as inhumane.

Another view is whale watching rather than killing for commercial purposes should be explored. I've never done whale watching but have eaten the meat and quite enjoyed it too. Everytime, I mention that I have eaten whale meat I get some disgusted looks and a lecture about the evil of eating mammals. Needless to say I laugh them off so all sensitive readers be warned.

But seriously what are your views on this?


when these people pop up you have to ask them if they eat beef... or if the eat pork or mutten... then if they say no.... then they can attack until then.... they know what they can they do with there thoughts... as for me i don't eat it (whale that is)... and won't intentionally eat it either.... for what reason.. I JUST DON'T KNOW....
I actually disagree with kgombe. Even if they've never eaten anything but plants they still don't have a right to tell you what you can or cannot eat..... unless you're chewing on their cat...

BTW Kami, have you ever read Moby Dick? (Probably my all time favorite book)
point the way i just realised my typo.. its mutton not mutten.... :-)
ask them if they want piece. chupse! so how does whale taste anyways. back in my fish eating days I've had shark and dolphin which apparently isnt really dolphin and dolphin which is really dolphin.
You eat what you eat....never eaten a whale, but as far as Im concerned the whale would not have to think twice about eating me...har har har

On the other hand I have been whale watching and they are beautiful

Isn't there a happy medium?
Jdid,definitely not like chicken. Sorta beefish but better.
Here is my take. I am not going to knock you for eating it, but I wouldn't eat it. My reason: Some whales are endangered and there are so many other things I can find to eat that I wonder why people would eat an animal that is endangered. Even if its one of the whale species that is not endangered, I don't think I would encourage eating it.
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Wow looks like you just got spammed by the same idiot that posted to one of my blogs a year ago.

Anyway, eat what you like, and make sure you have enough to share
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