Monday, May 28, 2007


Miss Universe 07

Tonight,from Mexico a new Miss Universe will be crowned. Generally, the concept of beauty shows is kinda silly but I watch them still. Anyway, I've taken a liking to Miss Tanzania for being bold enough to enter a beauty pageant sans hair. We women know how much importance society places on having preferably long hair so having none is really going against the grain. I have also noticed the majority of the girls that participate in beauty shows here invariably add extensions to their hair.

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In Flaviana Matata's own words 'I never let anyone define me, neither by hair nor clothing, as I believe God made me perfect as a pure, natural African woman.' That's confidence,way to go girl. Beautiful,isn't she?

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no doubt in my mind she is beautiful....
I believe God made me perfect as a pure, natural African woman

No, god didn't make you. Your parents were both African and their genetics combined in a certain way to make you as a natural African woman. I hate it when people give a supernatural explanation to something that even single cellular life forms do on a regularly basis like reproduce.

Not to mention those who a god "makes" without having the benefit of having good looks, or an immune system to get them through childhood.

She may be beautiful but she's also solipsistic.
my resident atheist sends me to the dictionary to look up solipsistic.
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this just might be the year of change.
Jamaica's contestant is a Rastafarian.
She is pretty but I'm sorry I just can't appreciate a woman who balds her head, short hair is ok, but not bald.
I loved her, she was beautiful without all the hair and excessive make up of the others.
She is beautiful, but I've never been attracted to bald headed women. Long, flowing locks do it for me.
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