Thursday, May 24, 2007


Love is

Teaching your little son to swim

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Okay, I have to say it. OMG! The man is buff! You couldn't have gotten him a little further out of the water.. I mean just for our viewing pleasure you know.

Cute pic. Aren't babies cute in teh water? My son, as a toddler, had a little yellow suit with a built in float ring. It was precious in a funny way.
Both dad and son are buff!
Nice pic, another special moment captured.
What a good looking pair of guys you've got there.

Happy Farewell Love Thursday. I'll miss it.
Nice picture. I t's good to see fathers being fathers to their children.
Good fathers are hard to find.
Yup! Best kinna love in di world..when your daddy step-up and mekk you know he dere for guidance, love and support. Nuffing better.
nice one
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