Sunday, May 13, 2007


Happy Mother's Day

To all the wonderful females out there who do this job of child rearing....Happy Mother's day. Those who do it by themselves,an even more special Happy Mother's Day greeting to you.

In my case when I think of Mother's Day I remember my grandmother-the woman who truly mothered me. I suspect for many their mothering figure is not necessarily their biological mother. I don't know if it is a sad thing or not I just know it's what it is.

Ever thought that Mother's day is somewhat like Valentine's Day? By that I mean if you have no partner then Vday can make some real grouchy. On the other hand if your Mother is dead then the day is bittersweet or God forbid if you are at a certain age and not a mother. In the latter case everybody takes the opportunity to offer advice or just unconsciously make you guilty for not being a mother.

Be that as it may, whether or not you think it's commercialised drivel- a day that appreciates the mother in your life can't be all that bad.


It truly is a special day to remember your mother.
just ignore the commercialism like I do.
I hope all the mothers have a wonderful day!
Hope the mothers had a great day. I just try to ignore the commercialism although I'm not too sure you can totally eliminate it.
Happy mothers day to all mothers. And if you want to get into the commercial side, then so be it! Enjoy it the way you want to.
have you head lady saw's song no less than a woman?
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