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Yesterday, I was walking through the village and probably because I was in a melancholy mood it dawned on me how many faces are no longer around. Every house I passed had lost at least one family member to death and in some cases whole families had migrated. I coudn't help but noticing too how people have aged seemingly overnight.

Suddenly, you look at them and realise they are not as young as you remembered and soon they too would die. I felt a bit nostalgic for what it used to be and the missing characters who were very much a part of the fabric of life. In many ways it is so different now with very little of the camaraderie I recalled while growing up.

It was just a few short years ago that as children we used to roam freely and treat the neighbour's house like our own. Not so anymore, the trust is all but gone and there are too many gadgets at home to keep you inside. Pretty soon people will start addresing me as Miss or Maam because am now the grown up in the eyes of many. Still can't figure out when exactly did I become this grown up person though. Time sure flies and it is quite sobering if you think about it a little.

So what must I say? I'm living on the road where I grew up. As a matter of fact in the house where two of my friends lived before they migrated. I was chatting with wifey and pointing out all the houses where we would hang out because back then all the children belonged to all the parents. Good memories most of them.
I miss that feeling a lot, the feeling of knowing and caring about your neighbours. In Canada, no one knows anyone, so they invent clever things like facebook to get 'connected' but ignore the people right in front of them.
Yeah, that's so sad. I was reading an article in yesterday's paper where the writer - Fay Ellington was hailing up Lindy Delaphena who used to be on tv when I was a child. He's 80 and so she was wishing him happy b/day. I wondered too where did the years go? If he's 80, soon he'll be dead. It's like all the familiar faces are dying. Sad thing is, plenty are people dear to us.
i am living abroad for about 9 years now and what i miss the most about home is when i walk through my home town of pauls ave. everyone knows my name. thier is a sence of belnging, and its sad that we don't preserve that feeling b4 its to late, now when i come home i barely know these people i see but they all know my name and who i am... i still miss that but the sense of belonging is long gone, why is that? this is the question i am asking my self now for 2 years
when i go back home i see kids i knew as babies having kids. its crazy!

yep things change and you do miss the old familiar faces.
Sad ain't it. Change is a heck of a thing.
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