Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Letter writing

Is letter writing a lost art? I would say it's on its way out in this technological age. It wasn't that many years ago when I would await letters from friends who for one reason or the other had migrated. For a while in the preteens and early teens there was the penpal fever where the cool thing was to have penpals in far away countries. Gradually, everyone that was important got on line and emails and MSN replaced the letters.

Imagine my surprise when on Monday I saw a woman sitting on the steps of a business place totally engrossed in a letter.I looked at her and thought how very unusual to actually see someone reading a letter. For a moment it seemed so archaic and not in step with the technological age-kinda like seeing an analog camera. However, the happiness on the woman's face maybe due in part to the visible US dollars made me smile. Who knew that money was still sent in letters given the advent of Western Union and Moneygram. Ok, so am exaggerating a bit but really it made me pause and think.

Guess what? I won't mind receiving a letter. Am always taking issue with friends who keep sending forwards and never take time to write a couple lines. MSN takes care of that you say but there are some you rarely meet online but are the FWD fans. So yes I want a letter where I can recapture the joy of seeing a familiar handwriting and eagerly ripping open the envelope. I even promise to write back.

i would love to receive a letter instead of just bills.
promise promise??
I think fi someone sent me a letter, I would be shocked as to why they don't have my email address. LOL

I also hate the email fwds that never can send you a personal hello
I got a letter about a month ago and was shocked as hell. It was an old friend who was as he described it looking me up. We grew up across the street from each other so he knew my parents address.

I thought to myself...I hadn't seen a stamp in so long.

Incase you're wondering, No, I didn't write him back. He enclosed his email address and phone number.

I am going to save it. God only knows when I will get another one.
A leter has a personal feel to it that can't be replicated by emails etc but, I would take it a step further: Writing on a whole is a lost art. I am trying to stay up to date with the online slangs that is nothing more that a series of letters jumbled together. LOL ROFL
Letter,cards and packages in the mail, are my favorite things, send me your address and Ill write you a long meandering letter about nothing. However I cannot gaurantee you will be able to read my handwritting.....
sigh... its been a looong time since I have either sent or recieved a letter. A few years ago in a fit of passion I wrote an epistle which I think I subsquently decided not to send.
I miss letters... I really only get bills. I do so love the instant gratification of email and instant messages..
hmm.. I think I will write a letter.. to whom tho? and on what? :)
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