Friday, April 06, 2007


It's Good Friday

With thoughts of serious illnesses swirling around in my head I was very tempted to set an egg this Good Friday morning. Just for once it would be so nice to see a future that doesn't involve doctors, medications, freak illnesses, deaths and the like.

Mentally, I demanded that the egg show me good things like trips to exotic places, friends showing up unexpectedly,winning the lotto or some sweepstake. In the end I didn't because although I don't consider myself a superstitious person I could do without letting things play on my mind. After all I may see a coffin.

Instead, I focused on the present-some non homemade but just as delicious crossbuns. With visions of mackerel dancing in my head it was off to church service. They say for Good Friday service one should wear sombre colors with white, black or purple being the dominant colours. Am so ignoring that so it's brighter colours for me today and of course I'll ignore any inquiring looks that come my way.

I ain't tempting fate by going to the beach either so I'll just laze around the house and watch mindless television or some other distraction for the lazy. Happy Easter all


We need a little Info here, how do you set an egg to see your future? What illness are you suffering from?
How dare you not go to the beach? Here in Canada I would kill to go to the beach. Infact I was researching prices to go to all inclusive for four days....freakn expensive....


ok am off to fish out my mourning dress for mass....'s an Easter tradition where they say if you put the white of an egg in a cool spot it will reveal a shape that would be your future.Likewise if you go to the beach on Good Friday it's likely you will drown.

PS..Always got some freak illness
it's good friday, take it easy. no stressing! i'd be lounging around today, if i didnt have to be at work!
I may just go to the beach myself so if you doh hear from me again, assume the worst.
not wearing dark colours? kami, you rebel:)

good way to spend good friday btw. thats what i'm doing.
do you gets get that whole thing witha certain tree that bleeds on good friday too?

hope all is ok. all the best for easter
We went up to Argyle where the surf was high, then went up the hill to the Oasis retreat to meet some new friends. Pleasant day
I grew up hearing a bout that egg tradition too! Nothing special for the holiday for me, I'm at work for the whole holiday.
Thankfully Lent is over well.The egg story is interesting. After mass on thursday morning and sunday mornig the rest was either work or mindless tv. Blessings
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