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You were supposed to be 47 days of fun. You weren't. Instead you seemed to go on forever and ever and to make matters worse the matches were lacklustre.The LOC's marketed you as being for tourists and in the process priced out the locals. It took the sight of empty stadiums for the organisers to realise that us locals were somewhat important. So,they made some concessions and even gave away tickets to entice spectators to come through the gates. Long before this though you were marred by the death of Pakistan's coach.

You did bring some huge upsets with the minnows performing some giant slaying acts. All now am sure India and Pakistan are still smarting over being beaten by Ireland and Bangladesh. South Africa got their share of blushes too when Bangladesh beat them easily in Guyana. In between there were a few exciting matches like Eng vs WI,SA vs Lanka and Lanka vs England.

I think in hindsight you deserved to be billed as the Goodbye Cup. Several teams were left having to recruit new coaches and two of the world's greatest players Brian Lara and Glen Mcgrath made their exits in contrasting styles. I won't remind you of the way you ended because after all who likes to be reminded of mistakes.

So you gone and I am still wondering about the legacy word. We made some pretty stadiums and fix up the place nice nice for you. To add insult to injury the home team didn't even make a semi final spot. Now we wonder if even in the long-run we will be able to recoup the costs or at least a significant part. It kinda looking as if was a debt legacy we had to look forward too all along. Not to worry though them Ozzies loved you bad bad and who can blame them.

Hopefully, you enjoyed the Caribbean hospitality and may just visit us again. But for now it's bye, bye CWC 07.

I hope its not too much debt
This is well put, well written well said. nothing more to add except AMEN!

I have read quite a few reactions about the CWC and most question the success of the event. My hope is that we can somehow turn this into something positive for our region.
twas a shame all around, but thank you for your hospitatlity none the less.
Best thing to happen was when it finished. Finally can get back to normal life.
Good riddance. I didn't enjoy it much. My mom got a kick out of it though. At least stuff got fixed.
As a lover of cricket, I can't bash it completely, but yes, it was too long. Overall I do not believe it was organised any worse that previous world cups, I dont know what folks expect. But there were some moments we would like to forget, I cannot bury my head in the proverbial sand.
A legacy was left fr sure, be it good or bad depending on who you talk to. But what I can say, is at least we tried. You never know what the outcome will be unless you take the risk and that we did.

Yuh think we have chance tuh bid fuh de Olympics of 2020?
Can't stop giggling @ Campfyah's comment. Don't go putting ideas in dem politician and dem head! I jus' glad the damn ting come and gone and we could get back to life as usual.
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