Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Get well Comrade

From around 6 p.m yesterday afternoon my phone was ringing off the hook as persons tried to ascertain whether or not PM Gonsalves was really injured in a vehicular accident. News was sketchy but gradually we learnt that that the PM's vehicle was hit by a truck in the Peruvian Vale area. The driver, we learnt was seriously hurt but the reports about the PM were not so clear. According to who you listened to he either had a broken jaw or had sustained a serious head injury.

This morning CMC news reported that he was not that seriously injured and only required some dental work and stitches to his upper lip. Already, people are speculating as to whether or not it was an assassination attempt. I would want to think it was just an accident and that type of behaviour has not yet graced our shores. Hopefully, that idle talk will soon die down but in the meantime get well wishes go out to PM Gonsalves and his driver.


Well wishes indeed tuhyuh PM but yuh know how it goes in small islands, news travel fast and changes as it travels.
If it's true, that's probably the least subtle assassination attempt I've ever heard of.
Nah,couldn't be any assassination..just major idleness but SVG tends to be quite polarised these days.
i hope the driver is ok
Best wishes to Gonsalves. Hope his driver is ok too...
accidents can happen to anyone
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