Monday, April 23, 2007


Cyber crimes

Lately, there has been a host of pornographic emails featuring Vincentian young ladies travelling through cyberspace. The latest feature a young lady with a caption that proclaims she is HIV positive and willing to have sex with anyone since her time is limited. Another's pic was posted on a porn site and then the said link was distributed to relatives and friends.

In the past week there was a news item from the Police Force which said the young ladies had filed complaints that their photographs were doctored and subsequently misrepresented. Interestingly, enough was the willingness of the Police Force to treat it as the crime it really is. It's about time someone was charged for the sick practice of either abusing one's trust or maliciously setting out to damage someone's reputation as some sick kinda payback.

Kudos to the Police Force for this move and for seeking help from the professionals in tracking IP's etc. I look forward to the culprits being severely dealt with if it is proven that they were indeed guilty as charged. Apparently, there is a pornographic ring(for want of a better word) in a neighbouring island that involves school girls posing in the nude for money. Some of these pictures are also making the email rounds as well. All I will say is some people need a jail sentence for dealing with these minors. Won't hold my breath because even though there are laws it's another story with respect to implementation. So I'll just keep my ears to the ground and hope the news is good.

that stuff been going on in the caribbean for a long time but i guess with the internet and phones that you can share photo and videos its getting even worse.
It's good that something is being done to curtail this practice. It's been degrading and damaging a lot of caribbean girls. that's the price we are paying for technology.
Never heard of that kinda stuff happening in Jamaica. The involuntary ones anyway. But how can it be stopped once it's out there?
Just maybe if some one is charged others will think twice about doing it.It's worth a try
Scary stuff/
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