Sunday, March 25, 2007


Redemption Songs

I didn't want to go to church this morning but I was happy I went. I didn't even remember the anniversary of the Abolition of the Slave Trade until I saw the pamphlets that were given out at the door. The service dealt with the steps leading up to its abolition as well as the idea of freedom.

During the moment's silence I couldn't help but wonder what it was like for the millions ripped from their homes and transported to the New World. The only comparable thing I could think of was if a spaceship were to land on Earth,gather us humans and take us to some unknown planet to be ruled by aliens. That was one harrowing journey across the Atlantic to begin the dehumanising life that was slavery.

It's strange how we have grown up with little or no knowledge of our history. Nobody really pays any attention to milestones like these and if it were not a bicentenary it would have passed unnoticed. I guess many just want to forget slavery ever existed or they just don't feel connected to the events which is a real pity.

Funny how after all these years we still believe much of what our masters fed us. We still talk of good hair,raising our color etc etc. Fittingly, due to the foresight of the vibrant young minister Bob Marley's Redemption song was sung by the congregation. Got to commend the older folks who willingly sang along because it wasn't always like that. Bob would have been so proud as one my friends remarked. As for the enslaved what else did they have but Redemption Songs..these songs of freedom.

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From how it sounds, I wish I had gone too...
I think its a beautiful song. I am reading Elie Wiesl's Memoirs on the Holacaust, and am at the part where they've been liberated, buthave no where to go. The things humans have done to each other in history are just so scary.
I've never heard the term "raising colour," but I've heard of "high colour." Thanks for informing us.
Yet, so many quick to celebrate Thanksgiving celebrating the blasted Pilgrims, and forget about somethng like the Abolishion of the Slave Trade. Goes to show how we are programmed again.
what kind of rasta church you going to singing bob marley? :-)
We are bound to repeat history if we don't know our past and that just what they want. Ironically, I went to a Jamacian community awards High tea on Sunday and the speaker said that he was to attend a ceremony in JA but decided to come to the awards tea instead. However, they were to do a min of silence in honor of the slave trade and you know that they didn't. So with things like this happening, I'm not surprised.
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