Friday, March 02, 2007


Protest time

It was Carnival Monday last Wednesday in Kingstown. Dressed in yellow t-shirts the supporters of the Opposition New Democratic Party took to the street to demonstrate against crime,corruption and victimisation amongst other things.

All it needed was some loud amplified music to go with the traffic diversions to really make it similar to a Monday jump up. Interestingly,the demonstration took place in the hot noonday sun but still many justified by their cause braved the weather.

At the heart of the demonstration was the release from prison-under the guise of national security of a convicted drug dealer a few months before his 22 mth sentence was up. The Prime Minister subsequently said that the ex con gave information that was able to prevent the murder of a second prosecution witness. Apparently, there was also collusion between prison officers and convicts involving use of cell phones etc. I don't think the demonstration should have come as any surprise. Opposition parties worth their salt have always capitalised on what they see as Governmental mistakes.

Lately,demonstrations have become a huge part of our culture. Sometimes,it seems the only way things get resolved is when there is a strike,go slow or some picketing. That's not to say demonstrations are necessarily bad since it's all part of a healthy democracy. Learning the lessons from the demonstrations is what seems to be difficult for our Leaders on either sides of the fence.


Too much nonsense going on in St Vincent. Ralph better take note
Hopefully the demonstrations will stay peacefull. Maybe thats impossible, something usually goes awry.
Demonstrations seem to be the only way to get things done here in Jamaica. As a matter of fact, I need a place to live..where is that marker and plaque card?
I haven't been to a demonstration in years. Often they seem to do more harm than good and I hate photo ops !
as long as the demonstrations are useful i say power to them. in ontario i think folks just ignore demonstrations
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