Monday, March 05, 2007


Oh Geez

Friday night am watching the local news and I hear that the Police has made a breakthrough in an unsolved crime. I silently give them some props since a few hours ago I had read in a newspaper that an arrest was made in a one year old murder. Then,I hear some jaw dropping news. The person arrested for a double murder in late 2005 is none other than a Policeman.

Oh yeah,the person who is supposed to be protecting us is now the criminal. The hierarchy of the Police Force expressed their shock and disgust and I felt uncomfortable for them. Policing, in these times is difficult enough without having to deal with this PR nightmare. At best we have a love/hate relationship with our law enforcement officers and am sure this incident is not going to improve matters.

It won't be fair but we all know the tendency to paint everyone with the same brush. One can expect to hear "them killers" added on to all the less than complimentary names that the Police are called daily. As for the disgraced policeman with the dubious distinction of being the first officer charged with murder his main worry was whether or not he was going to lose his job. Somehow,I think he won't be on the beat again regardless of the trial's outcome so that's one less worry. Lawyer fees,sentencing and reflection on his decision should be more than enough to occupy him.

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A Cop....Shameful!
dirty cops...same old story, just in a different place.
you were sent here to protect us
but who protects us from you?
just because you say its illegal doent mean that its true
Your authority's never questioned
No-one questions you
If I hit you I'll be killed
But you hit me? I can sue
So do not kick my door down and tie me up
While my wife cooks the stew
Cos you were put here to protect us
But who protects us from you?
SOme they eat and drink with you, and then behind you they try to eliminate you.. so it goes
I've often wondered how many cops have gotten away with murder, rape, and other criminal activities.

I know it's difficult to imagine, but they're human beings just like us with the same emotions, psychoses, etc...and these psych evals that they do prior to appointment are useless.

I was just listening on the news how a cop was charged with DUI in Jersey. The kicker was that prior to being arrested by a fellow officer, he'd been stopped by a POLICE CAPTAIN in the town before, given a breathalizer and let go despite being way over the legal limit...all that so he could kill some innocent person on the road.
Same story, different day. We can become so desensitised that we expect corruption at all levels. Politicians,clerics, educators...will it ever stop? Sigh.
I just laugh at what you find "shocking," 'cause things are worse in Jamaica. Police are generally not trusted here. People in the ghetto would rather side with a gunman than a policeman.
Well things not so bad here yet that you hardly feel shock. Or it could be am idealistic,Leon:)
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