Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Net woes

There are times when I literally hate my ISP. It's not that you don't expect down time but when it lasts for four and five days it's a whole different ball game.

And what about those customer reps with their robotic and condescending manner of speech. Did you reset the modem, maam? Yes, after all by now you the drill. I'll have one of our technicians call you and of course it doesn't happen. Worst of all is when the ISP doesn't think you deserve a rebate for the "down time".

I really didn't mind the absence on the weekend since I had school deadlines to meet and won't have been online much. I resented the brush-offs from from Monday morning and waiting on the call that never came. For now,all is well Internet wise but I not holding my breath because the "down times" seem to be getting more and more frequent. Hmmmm, come to think of it maybethe Internet God is helping me cut down on my bad net habits or do I just need a new Provider?

You didnt even say which one was your ISP - I remember when it was either C&W or nothing.
Yeah. Who is your ISP? Oh, and World Shutdown Day is the 24th, so the Internet God is playing with you big time.
I get it a lot too from BellSouth. Usually rebooting my modem solves the problem. It really happens at least 3 or 4 times a week though. A techie once told me its because BellSouth issued the cheapest modems they could buy to their customers. Me soon drop dem. They are too expensive anyway.
Right now I'm hating my hotel because their wireless net keeps booting me. If you get this comment, we got lucky.
New Service Provider all the way!

I hate, hate, hate calling to tell them something is wrong, I get the wonderful two hour run around, and nothing ever gets fixed.....sigh!
I remember my last ISP those jokers always wanted me to reinstall windows or some other microsoft product. It really got to me, I gave up on them
Looks like back to Cable and Wireless for me and goodbye Karib Cable
New ISP all de way!
c&w is no picnic either. my dsl moves at the speed of dial-up, not to mention the long waits on the phone listening to that awful jingle...
Hmprh!!! That sucky C&W call center with the sucky operators who are soooo patronising!!! HATE THEM!!!
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