Monday, March 12, 2007


Kassav and Blues Fest

For as long as I could remember I've been preaching the gospel of Kassav to anyone who would listen. So,when they were featured as one of the acts on last weekend's Blues Festival I knew only death or serious illness would keep me away. It's been a long time I've been this excited over anyone not named David Rudder performing live.

And the creators of Zouk music out of Martinique did not disappoint all. I tell you even though there was a language barrier the rapport they enjoyed with the audience would be the envy of many English speaking acts. Very few if any understood the lyrics but that was secondary as we gyrated to the infectious beats which was well worth the 75ECD tab. There was a small scare when Kassav left the stage without playing their signature song "Zouk la sé sèl médickaman nou ni" (Zouk is our only medicine). But,it was only temporary as they came back to bring down the house with the Zoukla song.

Only problem was Kassav ignored all the shouts of encore,encore. Hopefully,they come back soon to thrill us . One bit of sourness was the cool reception Kyron Baptiste got from the public but that's a whole nother story for a different blog. Y'all should give Kassav a listen and report the experience to me.

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so, i'll have to check emusic to see if their music is available.
Well, if you endorse them, they have to be good. Hope their music catches my ears.
You will find four of their songs here at their MySpace site, courtesy of Mad Bull and google. :)
i'm jealous! i would love to see them live!
sounds like fun
Kasava comes to Dominica every two years at the World Creole Music Festival...and trust me it's a preformance you don't want to miss.
...I goin' take a listen, but lawd...sigh...David Rudder...sigh...stalked him across the Carbbean once...the man..sigh...the icon...
I am interested in Zouke and other forms of music coming out of the EC (outside of Soca and Calypso anyway)but I have no idea where I could access the music enough to form a sensible opinion on the stuff.

btw I know I've been off the blog commenting scene for a while (was reading the whole time though) but I ent forget, between the time and now, to send my condolences your way re: the loss of your family member.

I'm out again. later
I got put on to Kassave by my Haitian brother-in-law, and all I gotta say is: preach on sista, preach on...LOL.
Thanks and busy preaching sis
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