Wednesday, March 07, 2007


It's here

This week CWC 07 finally came to the Caribbean. Here in St Vincent our warm up games got underway on Monday with the very one-sided England/ Bermuda clash.

I am still a bit worried, however, about the wisdom of spending so much money on mere warm up games given the state of our economy, but that is what cynics like myself do. We wonder if even in the long-run we will be able to recoup the costs or at least a significant part. $40 millon or $57 million ECD, depending on the source is an awful lot of money spent on a sport that seems to be in its death throes. In addition, Regional Limited Overs semis and final were played to virtually empty stands.

So far,not surprisingly the crowds have been sparse but all that should change when England and Australia play on Friday. Well,that is if the restrictions do not serve to turn off patrons. Judging by callers to the talk shows many are turned off by the restrictions on iceboxes, security details, permission to take conch shells and the quietness of the ground.This morning I even heard a woman complaining bitterly that she won't be able to celebrate 6's and 4's the West Indian way. Somehow,I don't think even the ICC is strong enough to prevent the jumping up etc but she remains convinced.

As for me, I'll hear how it all went or see from the comfort of my house.

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i've gota half finished blog i started today on cwc as well.
is cwc likt the olympics?
I'm a big fan, would Luv to be there right now, infact am kicking myself for not planning my vacation better....i hope that the games bring good things for you guys...
Didn't know St. Vincentw as a part of it. What's with all these ridiculous restrictions? Do they expect you guys to sit and gawk like bloody Brits?
Well you know how cricket goes with me. Couldn't really care less what playing where or who playing who. In fact i'm kinda just dying for the hell to pass. i like you am cynical about the level of "investment" made for a game that in the next 2 months will be forgotten and the islands left with ever mounting bills. I guess the fans see it differently (that's why they are fans). Maybe a different event at a different time I may see otherwoise but for now I think we've taken on way more than we can chew.
N,it.s the cricket world cup.Not as grand as the Olympics but the biggest event on the cricket calender
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