Thursday, March 29, 2007


Bridge over troubled water

Yesterday,saw the opening of the Rabacca bridge a project done in collaboration with the Taiwanese and Vincentian governments. It was realisation of a dream that many including myself thought was impossible and rightly opened with much fanfare.

Legend has it that the Rabacca river was a mighty flowing body of water until an eruption dried it up. Not sure how true it is but the Dry River has always been a fascinating bit of Vincy history. From time to time the river comes down rendering it impassable and preventing persons from crossing. Therefore in times of natural disasters it is a nightmare to move the persons living above the river to safety. When you factor in that the mainly Carib population literally lives below the active Soufriere volcano then you understand how important this bridge is. I've also heard stories of how hundreds died in the 1902 eruption because lava flows in the river prevented crossings.

I welcome the bridge and trust that the doom and gloom predictions of it being washed away does not happen.I just don't get why it was a public half holiday for it's opening. Ok,I understand that the Govt wants to get some mileage and show their strength especially in the wake of the Opposition's protest march. That would explain the mobilisation of supporters decked out in party colours. I guess am just hopeful that governments will one day understand the difference between party and Government events.

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dont hate on the holidays. if you dont want them i'll take them
Looking for some political mileage are they?
Hey, how are you. Haven't been around much at all. Hope all is well. What happen to Love Thursday?
Politics same all over the place. I caught some of the headlines this morning and it looks like an election type budget.
interesting bit of vincy history. maybe one day i'll get to see it.
Is election time in Vincy land? cause gov'ts does operate fuh votes. Hope yuh enjoyed the half day
Yeah nahmix you should..After all you half Vincy:)
Politicians are always looking to get votes and keep their supporters. What happen to the picture of the bridge?
Wasn't a pic..just a label
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