Friday, March 23, 2007


Bloody Murder

From CNN to the BBC to Caribvision all the talk is about Bob Woolmer's murder. Yes,it's official that the man's died of asphyxiation caused by strangulation. Thank God he not American or it would have been Natalie Holloway all over gain. By now Greta Van Susteren and crew would have already swarmed Jamaica interviewing anyone who was within three ft of the man. Thank God for small mercies unless the South African equivalent plans to launch a media assault.

Then there was Andrew Flintoff drinking way too much and almost going to a watery grave in St Lucia. One entrepreneur(the owner of the bar where Freddie did his drinking) has capitalised on the drinking binge and now in his honour has a new drink called "rock the boat". Way to go dude, nice sense of humour and a novel way to cash in on the events. Who knows the boat owners may soon market the "Daredevil ride". Freddie must be somewhere smiling wryly at his notoriety.

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All kinda scandalous things happining in this CWC! As you said Kami, good thing Woolmer wasn't American, we would see this on every news channel in the US every minute of every day for years!
As I said on my blog, I hope it wasn't a Yardie who killed him. Someone said that Yardies wouldn't have a reason to kill him but I see that Jim Screechy has a similar idea to mine... I think Jim Screechy was joking, but I think it possible that something like this may have happened. (Not the scissors hold bit though. More than likely an accomplice would have been involved.)
Had no idea that happened to Flintoff. Kudos to the guy who had the sense to capitalize off it. Jim Screechy hit the nail on the head!
Sad news and they are a lot of people upset by it. Depending on how the police handle this investigation it could still be a time bomb of negativity - I have seen negative news about Jamaica on the front page of yahoo and the same negative report a day later on CNN (take a lot at

Does Jamaica have a crime problem? Yes. Does the Woolmer's death have anything to do with the broader crime problem in Jamaica? So far it seems to have very little if anything at all to do with it.
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