Monday, January 22, 2007


The missing shoes

Last Wednesday morning just as I was about to leave my house I realised I couldn't find the pair of shoes I wanted to wear. Seeing that I had worn them the day before I found it strange that they were not in the bedroom. I headed out the room to check the other spots where I normally leave my shoes but no shoes were in sight. How strange,I thought.

I cast back my mind to Tuesday evening when I came home and concluded I must have left the shoes on the verandah only for someone to steal them.By then I was wondering why they didnt take the other pair of slippers that were on the front porch instead. Needless to say I was not too happy at all. Not only was I missing a pair of my favourite shoes but the thought of someone entering the yard was rather disquieting.

Anyway, I decided to make a thorough search when I returned home on Wednesday evening. Still no shoes and by now I have resigned myself that they are indeed gone.So can you imagine my surprise when Sunday night I begin folding some clothes that were lying on the sewing machine only to discover the missing pair of shoes. Now, I still do not know how the shoes came to be lying there but then am the person whose glasses ended up in the refrigerator.

A few of my friends told me to throw them away and I did toy with the idea. But then I love my shoes so I wore them today but the debate amongst friends and family is heating up as to the wisdom of keeping them. Wthout saying it out loud they are hinting that iniquity exists in this world.I guess they fear I may lose a couple toes or something just as drastic. Can't say am bothered though,but what would you have done in the situation?

Ok, I'm officially confused...again.

Why would you throw them out? You're lucky you found them. Why would disposing of them even be an option?
LOL! I put stuff in weird places and when I do find them, I too wonder what the hell I was thinking!

Material things are transient, no matter how attached we get to them. Sometimes we just have to leg go and buy something new.
Probably went barefoot... I'm assuming that 'throwing them out' has some superstitious antecedent [I would have said 'rationale,' but that would have been an oxymoron]
I suppose they are also proponents of throwing the baby out with the bathwater...
Toes are attached, and shoes cost money... Logic suggests that someone who owns a sewing machine [albeit one used as a clothes-horse] won't throw out a perfectly good pair of shoes... Haunted or not...

p.s. I'm really not concerned with your shoes... unless of course they are the only things you are wearing...
Tell me again why you would want to throw them away? I wouldn't even entertain those thoughts since I'm not superstitious(can't even spell it). I keep telling you to lay off the weed, see now yuh losing shoes and eye glasses.
Next time spray them down with some Lysol, and you will be good to go. I think that it is not even the expense of throwing away the shoes, but breaking in a new pair of shoes, especially when they are a pair of favourites.

If this continues, I would listen to Scratchie, as this can get expensive...; )
Chris, they felt that someone took them and then returned them under cover of darkness. Therefore,the possibility exists that some voodoo was done on them...well that's kinda the thought:)

Trouble..You so
Cursed shoes? Sorry but, that's sooo friggin awesome :)

Now we want to hear about how your glasses ended up in the fridge.
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