Thursday, January 25, 2007


Love is

Friendships whether they are 20 years or a few hours old. In this case the friendship was just a few hours old and blossomed aboard a BWEE aircraft. A simple hello and conversation flowed so much that by the time we got to Barbados one would think they were looking at old time friends.

jamaica holiday 025

Happy Love Thursday.

It is amazing how a friendship can develop. Lovely picture of you.

Happy LT
Sometimes people can have the best conversation with complete stanger. I dont know why that is though. Hmmm.....
please tell us you keep in contact...wha a lovely couple
Hmmmm....keep us posted with future developments (and not only pictures).
Aww. Friendship. If I were him, I'd be interested in more than just friendship.
+1 Leon
Lol,y'all too much. Since then there hasn't been any more contact:)
Lovely Picture...
Pretty Pic hon
You both have beautiful smiles. The best relationships start as friendships.
oobers cute!
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