Thursday, January 11, 2007


Love is

Sharing a laugh. I typed up and sent through a text post this morning only to now realise that it has disappeared into thin air. Lately,Blogger has not been showing me much love at all. So here's a late make up post... Happy Love Thursday!

P icture (2)

Hey didn't you use this picture before? I'm gonna have to call Shenanigans on this...
Nice to see you paying attention..sorta:) This is the second in a series with her
Hey you. Wazzup. Nice picture. Thought it look kinda familiar but wasn't really sure. 2nd in series...OK
Nice photo indeed.
What's with the hair? Happy belated Love Thursday.
Nice baby! Whatapieceabody gyal!
I know this is not Thursday but that is love, and may I add you look lovely. Bless!!
Yeah, you both look irie. Thats your niece, right?
Am definitely a fan of baby pics, so any series of baby pics yu use is certainly appreciated.
allyuh too kind esp
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