Thursday, January 04, 2007


Love is

The bond that makes a family. Over the season I spent a lot of time interacting with mine and it was quite enjoyable. During one of the family events I took this pic of Chelsea giving her baby brother some sisterly love.

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Happy Love Thursday y'all

happy new years
U really post de cutest Thursday pics.
Aww. Cute as usual. Who are they?
Sigh. That is heartwarming and special.
You are getting quite good a capturing these moments Kami.
Sweetness.....You know hallmark is going to be knocking on your door any minute now.
Wonderful photo Kami! The mark of a budding photographer.
Hee hee! Babies are just so sweet and so cuddly!
Wonder how they'll be in a few years when the snacks start walking out without permission. lol
Leon, my friend who is like family children.

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