Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Liberation Time

My name is...and am an Internet addict. Don't y'all think there should be twelve step programmes for net addicts like ourselves? Misery loves company so I've taken the liberty of lumping all of us in the same bracket. Once upon a time I would just log in to check mail, visit a few sites and make my exit. In all my internet time would be around 20 mins per day. Then,came the flat rate for unlimited access and bam the Net was a trap that snared an all too willing prey.

Hopelessly addicted all I wanted to do was log on and while away hours upon hours. In some cases it was therapuetic in that it took my mind off things I would rather not deal with. Once am away from the computer in the sense of being on vacations or some other place where there is no access I really don't miss it. However, put me in my environment and I'd be on continuously. It got so bad that whenever the cable service went down I'd be one miserable soul since it meant no TV or Net. I mean how is a person supposed to live without either?

So, I am currently scaling back my Net time.So far am reacquainting myself with an old love viz reading that suffered a lot due to my at times mindless surfing.I've been rediscovering the thrill of settling down with a good book- a joy I'd almost forgotten. Additionally, my studies are in full swing so it means I am forced to spend my time more wisely. Not that I enjoy school work but the alternative to not preparing is too harsh.

Recently, I surprised myself by letting four whole days elapse without logging on once. I think I deserve a clap for that. Like all recovering addicts I expect rough days ahead but am going to win this addiction....I think.

Been spending less time on the net evidenced by the less frequent posts.....
is theere a sign up recovery class close to me. recently my service was down for like 4 days and I have having a fit. I guess we are are going throuh our recovery issues with the NET.

Like you, I started reading a book a month a go in a attempt to redirect my enegeries, I had to go and renew my issuance of the book as I've yet to get past Chap2.
And the book that you are reading is........?
I could write a whole blog post (or two or three) on this very topic. In fact, I might do that... some time later :D

I hope your recovery goes well. At least better than my own efforts.
Am reading Long Walk to Freedom..Nelson Mandela's story.Am reading it backwards.First I read the Robben Island story then the early childhood.Now am on to the Rivonia trial:) can make it:)
WOW, you have made very good progress, in your Internet rehab! I often waste a lot of time just aimlesly browsing the net, but of late I have been finding other things to do. The same is true for the TV too.
Girl, I have a book for you that I'm reading now. It's called "The Soft Addiction Solution" and it addresses being on the internet too damn long. Trust, I suffer from it but I'm getting better.
Gmail me up and I'll send it to you.
is got ya addicted nuh? soon change ya name to christine :-)
Unfortunately for me I have it at my desk. What happens though is that having been there all week I kinda leave it alone on the weekends. School has also tempered a lot of the idle surfing. These days lots of research get in the mix of things. Reading was never my thing so I can't say I'll go back there. I have taken up my model building again so we'll see how much destressing that provides.
Lol @ jdid. I'll have to live there literally to be Christine.
I'm addicted to the Net too, especially my blog. I feel guilty if I ignore it for too long.
Well, I ain't no innernet addict... But if I quit everything I was addicted to, I'd have nothing to do all day... And night...
hi, my name is nahmix and I'm also an internet junkie. i scaled back on my blog time for a few months, butnow i'm back. i missed y'all terribly! :-)
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