Thursday, January 18, 2007


I love Tri Tri

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Doesn't look very appetising does it? However, to the average Vincentian it's a delicacy that you would give an arm or a leg for. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you tri tri(pronounced tree tree). To hear Vincentians tell it there is tri tri lightning as opposed to regular lightning. The appearance of the former is enough to have persons anxiously awaiting the news that a catch has been made.

Last Sunday I went for a drive on the Leeward coast and to my delight there was tri tri being sold on the roadside. The good news was that there was a bounteous catch over the weekend resulting in bargain prices for consumers like myself. I couldn't wait to get home to start preparing it.Basically, you either steam them or fry in the same manner you would saltfish cakes. I opted to make the cakes and were they delicious!

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Oh,Happy Love Thursday too. Am enjoying my tri tri lovefest enormously

Do they taste like anchovies or similar?
Nah,nothing like anchovies.Am tempted to say they taste like chicken:) Really dunno what to compare them to but they are delicious. For you it would have to be an acquired taste
I'm from Alabama and I've never seen anything like it, but I am a very curious person. And I'm willing to try any food at least once. But I would like to know how do you prepare it? Is it heavenly seasoned?
Hey Kami, Passing throug as always. Can't quite make out the top picture. What exactly is the tri tri? Do you have and clearer photos? I'm not very adventurous when it comes to food. Tend to stick to the same ole same ole.....
So Kami, what is Tri Tri, I assume some kind of fish, are they like jacks or sprats as we called them in BIM...
...Am curious too. I assume that its a type of fish/seafood?
Ok..It's very very very tiny fish.Nothing as huge as jacks or sprat Camp. They are caught at the river's mouth and then you just add water and remove all the impurities like bush,small stones,sand etc which may be amongst them. Then you season with seasoning of your taste.Add flour to make a batter,fry and eat:)
just the pict alone is enuff to make my mouth water... july is to far away...
Kgombe..I just may save you some:)
I assume those are fish, right? Well if so, send me some tri tri! They look mouthwatering cooked.
Oh, its fish! I was wondering if it was bugs or sup'm so! Thank God!
You got me jealous gal.
Truely one of the most delicious sea foods. I love it very much. I live next to the Cumberland river where they are frequently fished....
am from st.vincent, and I can speak and say dey are fact now in have sum to be done later

Tritri is the creole word used throughout the Caribbean for krill. On the larger islands, it is used like a spice to enhance rice or grits taste. I love the taste. I have never had it the vincy way.
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