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A close male friend of mine happens to be gay. Once upon a time the idea of hanging with a gay man would have been repulsive. However, am a stage where it is not a problem with me because I accept him for what he is and we have had some frank discussions regarding his sexuality. For the most part we act like girlfriends in the sense that we discuss fashion,go shopping and of course discuss men.

Sometimes,it is really amusing when we walk down the street and look at each other if we see a fine looking man. Then we would have a little guessing game about the sexuality of the person concerned. Sometimes,he shocks me by telling me the guy I think is super fine is batting for his team.

Anyway,lately I find myself having to explain to others why am keeping company with him. In their minds am encouraging the lifestyle by not shunning him or worse am going to hell for standing up for him. One my female friends even asked me what am going to tell God for encouraging his sinful ways.

I don't get exactly how am encouraging him though. The thing is there isn't anything I can do to make him not gay and for the most part I stand up for him the way I would for any other friend. Only problem is evidently am hellbound to hear my friends tell it.

Almighty God created the races white, black, yellow, Malay and red, and he placed them on separate continents. And but for the interference with his arrangement there would be no cause for such marriages. The fact that he separated the races shows that he did not intend for the races to mix.

The above quote was made in 1958 by a trial judge who was sentencing a white man and his black wife to jail for violating a ban on interracial marriages. It was finally overturned in 1967 by the Supreme Court (Loving v Virginia) preventing me from becoming a criminial 39 years later

Judges and politicians use a similar reasoning now when it comes to same sex marriages. People seem to be really good at using the bible to defend against ideals that they are not accustomed to or scared of.

As to your friends who are judging you about hanging out with this guy, I am reminded of this quote:

"Never explain, your friends do not need it and your enemies will not believe you anyway."
Not in support of gay marriagesat all, but you dealt with it in the way you saw best. Personally, I'd shun him. He's hellbound, not you.
how you mean there is nothing you can do to make him not be gay? ya not trying hard enough. sacrifice one fa the team girl! bring he ova ta we side :-)
When you go before your Master, you only have to account for what Kami has done with her life, not for anyone else.
I think your friends should be more hellbound for condeming the guy and for shunning him. He's human just like the rest of us. Although we don't agree with his lifestyle, that is his personal affairs, as long as he don't imposee it on me or does anything illegal. So continue to enjoy your friendship with him.
I don't understand what part of homosexuality is a sin. Sure I Find it strange, its not my forte, but who am I to go around condeming people to hell? It is silly for us to tell soemone who feels true love for someone of their own sex that their feelings are 'un-natural' or wrong. Everyone no matter how different is human, and you don't have to understand their choices to love and respect them.

There's this Indian Comic Named Russel Peter's who joked how people are always up in arms about things that will never affect them. Two people of the same sex getting married, will have no impact on my life whatsoever, it infringes on none of my what's the problem???
I ain't no spiritual guru or nuttin, but I know the Bible seh "Judge not lest ye be judged".

I find a lot of people who spout religious rhetoric and look over their shoulder at other people had better mind their own business, and concentrate on their own entry and accountability to St. Peter at the pearly gates.

As long as he is good peeps, and you and he flex good, I ain't see no problem. He probably make a better friend than a lot of the straight hypocrites out there, man or woman.
I don't support that kind of lifestyle. I definately would not be hanging out with a gay guy.
I think you're doing the right thing by continuing to hang out with your friend because after all he is your friend. I don't know why your friends feel it is okay to judge him or you for hanging out with him, because I'm sure their sinners also. So I guess your gay friend can tell you to stopping hanging with them also. Which I hope will not happen for your sanity.

By the way this is my first time commenting on your blog. I first read your blog Friday concerning Stacy Wilson which really stunned me and I read all of your archive because I think your blog is really great. Keep It Up!!!

Nice blog, and I think there's nothing wrong with having a gay friend. Treat others as you would want to be treated. It's not our job to judge, that's God's job and while on Earth we are to embrace and be kind to one another.
Your most recent (Jan 9) post won't allow comments. Anyway, Jdid's comment on this post is hilarious, and re your most recent post, baby bro prob'ly takin' de pressure off you, 'cause now everybody can start to ask him, "No baby yet? No baby yet? Where de niece-nephew-orgrandchild?"
it is somewhat unfortunate that ignorance is the stuff of Caribbean masculinity. The idea that I'd want to hate someone because he doesn't like the same kind of things as me is preposterous on any level.
In all fairness though, me not disagreeing with a particular lifestyle is no excuse for a practisioner of such to tek liberty wid me! That being said, so long as your friend isn't the kind to want to go out of his way to flaunt how 'uber gay' he is then no one should be allowed to malign him.
Like Jdid said... You need to have more faith in your abilities... You have to be a soldier for God and have sex with the gay guy... The whole reason that he is gay is because no women have tried to have sex with him... So obviously, your sin is sloth, the longer you take deciding to turn this guy back into a real man, the longer you are sinning.

Then you can get married to him, apease your family on the marriage issue, and you'll have what every woman wants... A husband who'll watch Oprah and go shopping with you...
lol, I have one word for trouble and Jdid. Hilarious!
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