Tuesday, January 02, 2007


Goodbye 2006

Am quite happy to see the back of 2006 since for me it will forever be associated with death. Close to home I lost one the best friends a person could ever want. Still miss her lots my friend but my consolation is she is out of her pain. The murder of Glen Jackson,Press Sec to the Prime Minister sent shock waves through this country but it was Stacey Wilson's gruesome end that had a people reeling in horror.

Away from home we bade farewell to Ed Bradley, James Brown, Coretta Scott King,Steve Irwin all giants in their field. And of course the world was treated to the sight of Saddam Hussein going to his death.

Am not making any resolutions for 07. However, I wish that the world could be just a little bit kinder. Happy New Year to everyone and may it be prosperous and filled with most if not all of your desires.

Happy New Year Kami.
Thanks, Kam, hopefully 2007 will be way better than 2006, and you'll enjoy it.
Happy New Years Kami

Let's hope that this year is better in thedeath dept. But it's already stated with the drive by shooting of a Denver Broncos line backer Darren Williams and a man in our city who was hit bya stray NYE bullet and killed in his own backyard.
Sistren - if you could please email me at solitairematrix at yahoo dot ca - I'll give you the details.

And yes, I'm glad 2006 is gone as well. GOOD RIDDANCE.
Sigh.Sorry for your loss:(

Lets hope that we can get it right this year...

Happy new year.
Happy New Year to you Kami
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