Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Changes- A Repost

So far the New Year has been going well-no surprises or anything. Well,that was until today when I learnt that my baby brother will be getting married on March 24th. Why am I surprised? For starters am yet to hear about or even see a pic of the future bride. If I get some pics from my brother 99.9% are always of him and his boys. Whenever I do get a pic that has a female in it he never indicates that it means anything. Actually, he prides himself on being a "playa" so you can imagine how very surprised I am by the news.

I guess am happy-it's not everyday you get to be a sister in law but there are other not so happy spinoffs. Already,am hearing that my brother is beating me to the altar although I wasn't even aware a race was on. So yes the subtle and not so subtle pressure will go up a few notches now. If only little brothers would have the good grace to wait on their elders then life would be so much easier.

On another note I Love New York premiered last night and naturally I was front and centre to take in all the action. Flavor of Love it's not but it's a good filler for us FOL junkies. Additionally, 20 men most of whom are eye candy can't be all that bad from a woman's point of view. The fact that some of them are even more screwed up than the FOL ladies and Chance is a male version of New York makes it funnier in a perverse way. All of a sudden Monday night tv just got really really interesting.

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Playa gettin' hitched. She must've had quite the effect on him. Naturally the females in any family are expected to marry first, especially if they are of age.
I really wouldn't worry too much about the playa getting married. But I could kinda understand the pressure about getting married because im experiencing the same thing. My niece is getting married and I am 26 years old.

But we shouldn't worry because marriage is not something to be rush into. Because I really don't want to make a trip to the divorce court.

Oh, I watched I Love New York also, suprisingly I enjoyed it. I thought the guy with eyes and Mr. Boston was hilarious.
Lol,yeah and he actually thought he had dreamy eyes. Ace was so fine but too good for NY hence he couldn't make the cut.I wonder if he wants to come to my part of the world:)
Baby brother's getting married, frankly I am not sure how I would deal with that.....who big is the gap between you guys?

I still can't used to the idea of my brother dating.

New York was ok, the latin guy calling her a negress was hilarious.....I think NY mummy is such a character....
Ahh Ms Kami, the pressure will go away shortly. Enjoy the little playas moment, you never know you might just catch the brides boquet
Being somewhat of a cynical romantic, I do hope that Baby Bro has met the woman who he truely loves, and has legitimately put an end to his playa days. Sigh.

Saw the previews for I Love NY, and of course, you came immediately to mind. Maybe some of the fellows will heighten the drama in the hopes of landing their spin off show as NY did.
Hope all goes well for baby bro's marriage.

Don't feel pressured Kami, people get married when they feel they have met the someone they think fits settling down with. And remember, nowehere (that I know of....) is it written in stone that everyone has to....
well you know who to call if you want to beat your bro to the altar;).
lol @Trouble
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