Sunday, January 28, 2007


Air travel..again

My worst fears have been realised with the announcement from LIAT's CEO that airfares will increase when the merger goes into effect. As it stands fares are already exorbitant in my not so humble opinion. Earlier in the month I went to a travel agency with my cousin to book a flight to Trinidad. To my great surprise the fare was EC$650.00 or 239 USD.I enquired about the fare to Barbados and was told it was $450 EC,the St Lucian fare was $470.00. I refused to ask about the fare to Antigua or any other Leeward Island for fear of the price.

In all my time travelling between those islands I've never paid any figure remotely close to the above quoted numbers. I couldn't understand the reason for the hikes but I assumed it was probably due to the Cricket World Cup. Now ,that we are being told prices will rise since the present fare structure is not economically viable am dreading what the new structure will be like.

I don't recall hearing any mention of improved service but as usual higher prices are demanded.I can't help but wonder how profitable this new structure will be given that many of our economies are doing so poorly. Will people be able to afford these prices? Frankly,I wish LIAT flies practically empty. In the meantime the Grenadines as a vacation spot is looking more and more appealing

SAY IT AINT SO..... I have plans to go to Trinidad first then come over for carnival in July.... then i have to go to Barbados, this is gonna put a dent in the already beat up bank account... well i have to make this trip not sure about future ones..... looks like trips home will be on a have to situation not a want to..... AND THAT SUCKS..... anyway i hope you have some TRI TRI for me so at least i can say the trip was worth it... :-)
not suprising. everyone is trying to cash in as much as possible off world cup.

the question to ask though is will these fare prices remain after world cup or will we see a decrease?
You mean seeing me won't be worth it?:)

No,Jdid they will be higher since the CEO has already said the current fares are not sustainable
Trying to cash in from World Cup? Whoda thought. I think the new fares will remain though, as they try to remain viable.
Air prices are a mess all ovea nd the service is going down hill faster. Mr Camp just came back form B'dos, on neither leg of the trip did he get a meal on the plane and to make matters worse, once e landed at the airport, they had to wait an hr in the plane before they could deboard, and during that hr, no one got offered a glass of water or any compensations for missing their connecting flights.
So we ae all at eh mercies of the airlines or just boycott and dont fly at all.
seems that the more u pay the lower services get
For the first time, I got a steal of a deal to trave to Bim via Jamaica, and I was soooo surprised. Expected to pay an arm and a leg as usual, especially due to cricket world cup and trini carnival, but...i tek the ticket and run. I aint asking no questions.
To me, this is why Air Jamaica, BWIA, Liat and so on are in problems... their fares are too low and when they charge what they should charge, w can hardly afford to travel. It rough out deh, my dear...
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