Sunday, December 10, 2006


Those C'mas Songs

Woke up early this morning to catch up on some studies and decided to switch on the radio for company. During the cricket break some sweet Christmas music filled my ears putting me in that Christmas mood.

Anybody ever really listened to Stevie Wonder's "Someday at Christmas"? If so,those are some pretty strong dreams and hopes eh. Won't it be just great if someday at Cmas men won't be boys playing with bombs like kids play with toys? Even better would be a Christmas day where men are equal and no men have fears. Maybe not in time for you and me but someday at Christmas time.

When I was a child I hated to hear Mahalia Jackson sing but now can't get enough of "It came upon a midnight clear". Then there are the modern favourites like Luther Vandross's Every year,Every christmas and Mariah Carey's " O Holy Night". And of course there is nothing like some parang or soca songs to get your feet moving. Unfortunately,didn't hear any this morning but am sure I'll have my fill this week.

So which Christmas carol or song is your favourite?

I don't know that I have a favourite....just that the closer we get to the 25th, I find I enjoy hearing them more.
Love the Mariah ones, esp the sappy ones, like "All I want for Christmas is you!"
Carol of the Bells. The version by David Foster is my favourite. Best played LOUD.
I like your C'mas abbreviation.. hate when people use the X.
It's so funny because as I read your post, I'm here listening to some Parang music on VOB92.9 . I don't that I have a Christmas favorite, but I have a compliation reggae Christmas Album dat I do like a lot, and of course anything by the Voice herself Patti LaBelle
Gosh, I can't choose a favourite, I like that Stevie Wonder one, I like Jackson 5's "I saw Mommy kissing Santa Claus", I like the Jamaican 'island' carols, there's so many carols that I love. But. My favourite xmas album and the only one that I own is the Mariah Carey one. It plays non-stop in the car now.
My fave is "Santa Baby"...appeals to the shallow materialistic side of me...;)
Also these "Some Day" parts: no hungry children & people will share a world where people care. Luv: Salsoul, Stevie, Vienna boys, Eartha, Peanuts, Harry Connick -- possible fave: "Santa in a Mango Tree"
I have fallen in love with this one by Natalie Cole...No More Blue Christmas'
"Chestnuts" is my fave.
My favorite christmas song is a old bajan favourite called a "gallon a rum"

Ah Doan cay if Christmas come
Ah doesn't give a damn if santa clause come
A gallon a rum, a gallon a rum
All ah want is a gallon a rum
Of the traditional songs, I like O Holy Night and Silent night the best. Non-traditional, Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree, 12 days of Christmas, Have a Holly Jolly Christmas
:-) Love Mahalia (but, like you, didn't appreciate her til I was old enough).

I have to go to Yahoo now so I can hear Stevie's song.

Yeah. Music does bring on the real feelings of the holidays.
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