Monday, December 11, 2006


Sad day

The phone rang. Carnival in Kingstown said the voice on the other end. Why? I asked. A man chop off a girl head at the Bus Terminal. The head is one place, the body another and a hand clutching a cell phone in yet another area. Since then the phone just keeps ringing with everyone expressing horror, some in tears and others just gripped by a sense of fear,anger and hopelessness.

How can you reconcile a young girl being dragged out of a bus and hacked to death in public view? And for what? My heart aches tonight for a young girl who didn't deserve to be killed like an animal, for a mother who somehow has to carry on after this tragedy and for a country that is becoming increasingly violent.

My God! How savage! Why did he do this?
SVG becomin' that violent too? hopefully that's an isolated incident!
That is insane, Your no longer allowed to take the bus. Why? Does anyone know?
Holy crap..wha madness. Wha on earth could she have done so wrong to be treated like that. Killers have no mercy these days??? Horror I can imagine.
Good Grief. The mental image is sickening... How awful.
Awful! Was he of unsound mind by any chance?
thats just absolutely sickening.
Savage it's true and it has happened here in Ja. I heard of two cases where head was on a platter.

A lot of sick people around.
I guess when things get so sick and crazy all over the world, we can know that we really are living in the last days and times. So many evil and diseased minds out there...
I just don't get how hundreds of people stood by and watched and allowed this to happen.Then to take pictures of it as if it were entertaining even further disturbs me.I also don't get how the police station is less than five minutes away and for him to have committed this act took alot longer than that.The police should have been there by the time he had her tied up and chopped her arm off.I don't get these people more than I don't the maniac who did this.
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