Thursday, December 07, 2006


Love is

A place to rest your head and two arms to hold you close

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i cud pose like dat too but i wud got to use a body double
and who may the boye be?
So sweet. Snuggle love! Happy Love Thursday!
Hmm. I thought more ladies would comment on the guy. Anyway, happy Love Thursday.
Tell me say the yute is the baby brother! Him look way too young to have yute!
As MB said, they look like siblings. Luvly pic.
Hey girl - who ARE these people in these pictures? Are they random?
ohhhh! I love it!
I think this could be one of your best pictures yet. So wonderful to see father & child. My son looks just as cozy on his dad too :)
No Soli not random.The guy is a friend of a friend.I can get you a hook up:)
That's a nice "Fater-Son" photo.
NICE shot! I can feel his love for the child!
2 down, 2 to go with the exams. Hope everyting treating you well.
Nuttin sexier than a man holdin' a child....
i agree with afroditee
I LOVE that definition of love. The pic is beautiful. (Makes me think of the Christmas season's blessings: family, love, safety, warmth.)

Very nice.
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