Thursday, December 21, 2006


Let love reign

Merry Christmas to all my blog buddies and the others who pass through this site. I've been reflecting on the evil of mankind to one another and at times it's tempting to give up on humanity. If truth be told I have said to myself many times that I have indeed given up. Then something happens, some random act of kindness that makes you feel that all is not lost with the world. Such moments are becoming icreasingly rare which makes me cherish them even more. I challenge all of us to make someone's day a little brighter today , tomorrow and the day after. It doesn't have to be an expensive venture since the simple things go a long way in adding cheer.

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Be kind to your family and loved ones. I've been often guilty of taking mine for granted but am realising how easily they can be gone from our lives. Let's resolve to love one another more in this the season of giving.

Well I see two people that I recognize. You can tell me who the other two are sometime. Have a great day. Nice photo.
Wise words. Happy Holidays to you and Happy Love Thursday too!
Wonderful picture. Great challenge! Let spread the love!

Happy LT!
Merry Christmas, Kami. (That little girl's very cute.)
It's all about Love and loving Ms Kami. We all need to spread a little more of it.

Happy Christmas...waht a loving family.
Awesome words, and will take them to heart.
Merry Christmas to you Kami.

Gave a little ham to an aunt of mine who is not too hot financially and I think of all the presents I gave, that one was most appreciated.

Lots of love.
Very nice picture. Tell me, how come the place has up burgler bars? It bad like Jamaica or wah?
It was actually in Jamaica.Still some homes here got burglar bars but it's bot as common as in JA
Merry Christmas Kami.
My sistren, I am tagging you to be next in tackling "The nearest book" theme. See my blog for more info.
merry christmas
Great words, sis.

Love ya and hope you had a wonderful Christmas.
i have been reading your blogs for while now i was just wondering which one i the pict. is you

The one in the white shirt.
I was just asking because you in the white look like someone i know from Trinidad, guess i was wrong... anyway i will be travelling home to SVG for the carnival maybe we can meet. The name is Kijana originally from Pauls Lot. Let mw know is that is cool
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