Wednesday, December 13, 2006


Compton again

Sir John Compton is once more the Prime Minister of St lucia after coming out of retirement and humbling the Kenny Anthony led governmemt. Not too long ago when Sir John was re-elected leader of the UWP I laughed at the idea of an old man re entering the fray.

Less than a year later the joke is on me.So many lessons to be learnt from the st Lucian election chief of which is there is a leadership crisis evident in many of our islands. It took an octogenarian to do what the successor couldn't do which is win an election. I look at my own country's case and see nothing to prevent Sir James reclaiming the reins of his party if he so desires.On the other side of the fence Gonsalves looms large with no clear successor within his party.

Secondly,incumbent governments must beware of complacency. No matter how glitzy you make the campaign the bottom line is if the populace feels its needs are not being met then they will show you the door. Matter of fact when the people fed up they just plain fed up.

It's kinda hard for incumbents too especially heading into third terms.By then what is there to really say or do? Most times it seems as if there is hardly any new ideas and more a going along with the tide.

So over to Compton. Hopefully,his Govt buckles down to business and doesn't spend the entire term harping on the mess they inherited. Much is expected but the question is whether all or most of the expectations can be met.

PS:Leon and Island spice for some reason your blogs won't let me post comments.

I think that something is really wrong in politics and the Government when the people of St. Lucia thinks that a 84yr man is the right choice for Prime Minister..
"Kinda hard for incumbents...heading into third terms" -- try those seekin' fifth terms.
(P.S. Have been findin' de same problems wid de blogs.)
I hope the Jamaican people will do the same with the PNP.
well why should incumbents get third terms? thats 12 or 15 years in power for one party when you think about it. Thats a long long time. I say 2 terms then kick themto the curb if the opposition can show some sembelance of unity and being able to manage.

regarding Compton it sort of makes sensee though. The young people dont vote as much and the older folk have their Carribbean heroes and idols that they would litterally die for. Compton is a legend just like say Manley in Jamaica or Adamas or Barrow in Barbados. You also have to factor in that in the caribbean although the vote for PM inst separate we vote alot along the lines of leader more so than party. A strong leader carries a party to victory over and over again (why ya think the BLP in power i bim since 19 how long) so when you have a legend leading he can be quite unstoppable.
3 words: Change is Good. Sometimes its all that is necessary.. for good or bad.. jus a change.

About the commenting.. its something to do with beta users vs. non beta's.. click as many times as you like..hopefully one will go tru.. Didnt u get a request to upgrade?
Agree with Leon, I hope there is a change in Jam.
Yes I did get it Island Spice but I chose to ignore.
let me applaud st.lucians for returning sir john a true axample of national love returning from retirement t lead ...I do not think the problem was the leaders but their lack of humility and sir john is one I respect for humility though a high profile attorney and former regional leader he shows humility in everything and strongly despises party politics but embraces national and regional development
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