Wednesday, December 06, 2006


Caribbean christmas

You know it's Christmas when the Barrels from North America start rolling in. Forget about the sorrel,the gingerbeer,the black cake, ham soaking in a pot or Nine Mornings. Nothing heralds the arrival of Christmas as much as these goody bearing containers.

In November there was a trickle of barrels making their way to homes. Now,it is becoming a steady stream which will escalate into a torrent by mid to late December. Woe be unto the others who not so fortunate to have relatives overseas generous to send them stuff that they see on tv but would not necessarily buy

Nevermind that there is usually a mad rush at the Customs and sometimes persons have to wait hours on end before they finally get their hands on the precious commodity. They are still eagerly anticipated by the recipients who take pride in announcing to everyone that the daughter in New York or the son in Toronto will be sending them their C'mas goodies.

Even the Govts,at least the OECS ones recognise the value of these barrels and in the spirit of goodwill ofer some concessions. Then again it could be some potential votes not that the recipents care too much in the heat of reaping the benefits.

After all this talk I sure wish one was coming my way

I would love a barrel filled with Rum Cake....just in case your wondering..

When my ex went to Trinidad for Christmas last year, I was a little taken aback by the outlandish demands his fly made. I guess I am a little used to my Indian relatives who are so exstatic to recieve any of my hand me downs........
Well I'm not getting any barrels either so you have company in that regard. Hoping all is well with you.
Seen some folks at a dollar-store scrapin' all kinda items to put in a barrel an' talkin' in loud J'can accents re how de barrel soon full. Considerin' how many of our C'bean people luv name-brand, was momentarily puzzled re to whom they could possibly be sendin' all de "made in China" items. That barrel might turn into a boomerang.
WE used to get barrels when my dearly departed Granny used to live in NY. there would be a list for all the many relatives she would send things for.
Bless her!
havent sent a barrel in years but i think i'll send one next year.
Anonymous,I would prefer a shorter comment!
A true Caribbean Christmas indeed.
Not expecting any barrels. Hope I get a gift to R____
my hairdresser was on about her impending barrel arrival last week. I was mildly jelous. LAst barrel I got was full of my books from school in the UK. Boring!
Hope you have a Merry one albeit sans barrel. :)
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